A Rundown of All the Kate Middleton Malfunction Moments

Kate Middleton was just a common face in the crowd until news about her relationship with Prince William surfaced. Fans of the late Princess Di have always fancied the thought of having a non-royal blood in the Palace. When the two got married, people all around the globe started grabbing every bit of information or photo that they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, even scandals like photos showing Kate Middleton wardrobe malfunction were closely followed by everyone worldwide.

Apart from her being under scrutiny for her choices of clothes, Kate has always been under the spotlight because of her too-many-to-count wardrobe troubles.

To most women and girls who dream of becoming a bona fide princess, she is an icon to behold. For critics of the royal family as well as the paparazzi, she is the perfect target for humiliation.

A long list of Kate Middleton malfunction moments were captured and shared by her critics like skirts blown up by the wind and shoes getting stuck on the road.

The most talked about wardrobe trouble was popularly referred to as the Marilyn Monroe moment. This happened in April 2016 while they were honoring fallen WWI soldiers in New Delhi.

The second most popular wardrobe problem was during her tour in North America. Her yellow Jenny Peckham dress got blown by wind, exposing her bottom.

She was also photographed hundreds of times having dress issues while she was pregnant. In the picture above, her butt almost got exposed – again while she was on the way to meet a friend.

During the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Kate suffered another wardrobe problem. This time, one of her heels got stuck on the pavement.

Divorce issues have surfaced and fans speculate the Queen has something to do about the rumors. Fans think that Queen Elizabeth II is not too happy about Kate’s dress issues.

For now, fans and critics can’t help but talk about Kate, but things might soon change because of the alleged engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

With another commoner in the palace, Kate can finally just concentrate on being the mother of her beautiful children and the loving wife of William.