Fun facts about Neptune – What you do not know about the planet

From the sun, Neptune will be counted as the eight planet from it. Since that is the case, it can be said that next to Pluto – which has been declared as a planet again – the mentioned is one of the farthest in the whole solar system. The planet is made up of gas. This is the reason why there are theories saying that prior to it migrating to its new position now, it was originally close to the sun. However, this changed and that led to Neptune being a gas giant. Indeed, there are tons of fun facts about Neptune that can be learned just with the use of the web alone.

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More about Neptune

Ancient people are not very much aware of Neptune’s existence. This is true because it is not that visible to the human naked eye. It was only primarily observed in the year 1846. The position was then determined with the utilization of predictions in mathematics. After that, its name originated from the Roman god of the sea.

When it comes to spinning on its axis, Neptune always do it rapidly. Most of the time, the equatorial clouds would take almost 18 hours just for a rotation to be undertaken. This occurs since Neptune will not always be a solid body. However, this will always be smaller than that of Uranus. With that though, Neptune will always contain the greater mass. This is one of the differences. Yes it is a reality that it goes with a heavy atmosphere. This is not surprising considering the fact that Uranus is created with the presence of helium, hydrogen and even that of methane gases. These would usually enclose a layer of ammonia, water and even that of methane ice. The inner core on the other hand is comprised of rock.

Most of the time, the methane is responsible in absorbing the red light. This will make the planet have its lovely blue color. In the upper atmosphere of it, high and thin clouds are most likely to drift away. As for its climate, the planet has an active one. There are large storms which will always whirl through its very own upper atmosphere. There are also high-speed winds which are responsible in the tracking of the planet up until that of 600 meters for every second. It was in the year 1989 when the largest storm happened in the place. This was dubbed as the Great Dark Spot. This transpired for five years long.

The planet also comes with its own collection of rings. However, the main difference is that they are just very thin. This is not surprising because these are just iced particles being mixed up with its own dust grains. These are even coated with that of a substance with based of carbon. If there is one interesting moon in the place, it will be Triton. This comprise of dust particles and nitrogen ice which are just below the surface. It has been captured because of Neptune’s gravitational pull.