Facts about King Tut – Secrets revealed

It was on the 3rd of January, year 1924 when Howard Carter, an archeologist from Britain who was then held responsible in the excavation of Tutankhamen’s burial chamber of the young king. This is situated in the Valley of Kings in Egypt. This occurred for almost two years ago. Basically, upon uncovering the tomb – a great treasure was stumbled upon. What seen is a stone sarcophagus. This comes with a solid-gold coffin. Inside the coffin is the boy-king’s remains. The tomb of King Tut and the wealth and riches it comes along with would definitely fuel the obsession of the world with ancient Egypt. This may be perceived in general. The long-dead ruler has been studied upon because of the mentioned as well. There are still many facts about King Tut that may be learned about.

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The aforementioned ruler reigned for almost a decade. This was the case way back 3,300 years ago. This was the case in particular. There are still other facts that are interesting enough about the teenage pharaoh and the said resting place.

The facts

First of all, there is no such thing as the curse of King Tut. According to Carter, when he first saw the lost tomb in November 1922, George Herbert – a financial backer was just on its side. The mentioned comes with a passion and fascination for Egyptology. After four months then, the passing of Herbet became apparent. This occurred because of blood poisoning. This was obtained from a mosquito bite. There were many newspapers that speculated here. They said that the English man turned out to be a victim of the curse of the mummy. This was claimed to be outlined and summarized on the tablet made of clay found outside the tomb of Tut. After this, it has been said that deaths happened again whenever the Valley of Kings is being visited. Eventually, most frenzied journalists have to fabricate the story. This is the reality for the inscription. In the year 2002, there were scientists who had to examine the survival rate of almost 44 Westerners who were seen in Egypt during the excavation being undertaken by Carter. This concluded that there was no elevated risk whatsoever.

There were reports saying that the death of King Tut may be accidental. For so many years now, speculation was made. At 19, he died because of the blow to his head. He was inflicted. There was a murderous rival seen here. There were many experts who had to determine the particular damage made. This was directed towards the skull of the mummy after the death. This might have been done right after the embalming process or maybe at the crew of Carter’s. Now the big question is this – why did the boy die? In the year 2005, there was a study made saying that he had his leg broken. This triggered him to develop a certain kind of infection or wound which took place prior to his death. Most of the theories say that it was the pharaoh who sustain the injury because of falling.